Our Latest Email to Studios Partners (In case you missed it)

Our latest newsletter to Kinkbomb Studios

we love our studio partners!

Dear Kinkbomb.com Studio Owners,

Included in this e-newsletter:

1. New Category Selection in Admin

2. Making Tributes Just Got Easier

3. Auto-Tweet Now Can Be Scheduled

4. Customized Auto-Tweet Wording

5. Studio Search Widget

As you know, we do our best to continually improve Kinkbomb.com. So we asked our studios how we could improve and you gave us feedback.

Here are improvements and new features that will make your life easier!

1. New Category Selection in Admin – When you go to “Add Product” page you will see in section 2, we have made it easier for you to find categories and to add secondary categories. Simply type in the first couple letters of a category and you will see the drop down under it shrink as you get more specific. For secondary categories, just click the “+” next to the category you want to choose and it adds it for you (No more holding down the control key to make multiple selections.

2. Making Tributes Just Got Easier – When you go to the “Add Product” page, in section 3, there now are two choices. Creating Tributes and Adding a video clip. When you check the box for “Creating a Tribute” it eliminates the choice of choosing media.

3. Auto-Tweet Now Can Be Scheduled – Now when studios schedule their clips to be added in the future, the same scheduler automatically sends your auto-tweet out at the same time. So now, there should be no reason for you to not TWEET!

4. Customized Auto-Tweet Wording – We had a few studios tell us that the auto-tweet copy we had looked “Spammy”. So we added a feature that allows studios to make their own custom wording for their auto-tweets. Just go into the “Tools” section, click on the “Twitter Integration” icon, then add your Twitter account information and the copy you want for your announcements of new clips and updated clips. It is that easy!!

5. Studio Search Widget – In response to better search within studios for customers, we listened and went one step further! You now have the “StudioSearch” widget. A small piece of code that can be added to your studio design that will allow customers to search your store and look for clips by name and keyword. Even better, you can now take this search box code and add it to your blog or website and it will render results of your studio. A great way to drive customers to your Kinkbomb.com studio!! To get the StudioSearch” widget, go to your “Tools” section in your admin, then click on the icon.

(We will be creating tutorial videos shortly to demonstrate each of these functions)


Team Kinkbomb.com