Welcome to the NEW Kinkbomb.com Blog!

Hello Studio Partners, Customers, and everyone else interested in Kinkbomb.com–welcome to the all new Kinkbomb.com blog!

The purpose of this blog will mainly be to highlight and expand upon explanations of new features as we roll them out. In fact, since our launch back in August, we’ve already implemented a host of innovative features on our site to help you Studios fuel your businesses (like the exclusive Auto-Tweet ability). Each time we unveil a new facet to the site we receive a slew of emails with concerns, positive feedback, and comments. We hope that this new blog will be an area to fuel conversation of this manner. After all, if someone asks a question here or gives feedback here, others can see it and benefit from it. So, we encourage everyone to join in on the dialogue and help us make our site even better!

As this blog grows, we hope to begin posting other articles of interest for our fans. So stay tuned!

Thanks again, everyone, for your interest. Talk to you soon!

Team Kinkbomb.com


One comment on “Welcome to the NEW Kinkbomb.com Blog!

  1. The site is so user friendly and easy to use. Customer support actually responds! What a refreshing concept. So much better than C4S

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