Making Our Site Even Better for You!

We work every day to improve our site in order to best meet our Studio Partners’ needs. One recent change we made, which many might not notice, is if you forget your login password we ask for your email instead of username. This eliminates problems if someone forgets both their password and username. Simple, yet helpful–and this is how we intend to be.

We have two new exciting functions that we’re adding to the site very soon! One is the ability to easily post clips in your store in whatever order you want. You want to post older material on the back pages? It’ll be as simple as typing in a number. This feature will be live very soon.

We have one more feature that we just finished developing that will be rolling out soon. There’s been some talk of it but all I’ll say right now is that it’s a completely unique feature to the industry. In fact, it’s groundbreaking technology that will make your product posting MUCH easier and totally enhance your customers’ experiences. Excited? So are we! Stay tuned for the release of this brand new function!

Keep rockin’ it, Studios!



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