All New Preview Image Generator Unveiled!

If you haven’t yet checked out our new preview image generator tool, you’re missing out! The new preview image generator  is an easy-to-use tool that creates a .gif image for you to use as a preview for your clips! Customers love to get a glimpse of what your products have in store for them and teasing them with a hot preview image is a great way to get your sales ramped up!

To use this tool, simply go to the “Add Product” page, as you normally would when creating a new product. Once you select a file for your product (step 3), the preview image generator will automatically begin creating your custom preview image! In no time, the image generator will create a great preview of your product, which will show up on your product page. Click “save” if you like the image it’s created for you or, use the tool to further customize your preview image. We recommend taking a few minutes to play around with the various parameters and explore all of the customization the new tool offers. NOTE that if you do not want the generator to create a preview image for you (because you have already created one of your own), simply check the “Disable Preview Generation” box before you select your file for your product.

Here’s what some of our Studios are saying about our new preview image generator:

“I LOVE the new @Kinkbomb .gif generator!” -Sarah Diavola (@BratPrincess on Twitter)

“Oooh I really like the new @Kinkbomb Image Preview Generator.” -Miss Kessa (@Miss_Kessa on twitter)

The new preview image generator is a simple to use tool that will save you time and energy while helping to enhance your products. Log in to your Kinkbomb StudioZone and try it out today!

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