A Message To All

Dear Studios and Customers:

On Saturday, October 1st, Kinkbomb.com suffered a significant hardware failure causing the loss of multiple terabytes of content affecting many studios.

The failure not only affected live content, but the backup standards that were in place to protect against lost data.

Since then, Kinkbomb has been working around the clock to recover this material, at great cost and investment. While the recovery was initially estimated to take two to three days, it has now surpassed a week, and we do not see this issue being resolved until this weekend at the earliest.

In the meantime, Kinkbomb is taking other steps to attempt to best protect studios and customers:

–        New content, added since October 1st, is not affected by this issue.

–        Unavailable content is flagged at checkout, “The clip is currently unavailable. Please check back later.”

–        Customers who have purchased non-existing content are offered an extension to download content or may request a refund. Sales figures may be negatively affected once refunds are calculated. A full list of refunds will be made available to studios.

–        Additional backup standards are being setup and maintained to prevent similar circumstances in the future.

Regrettably, this technical problem has caused inconvenience and lost volume to many studios and a negative experience for several customers. Some studios have temporarily lost all their content, while others were completely unaffected.

We really appreciate your patience as we get everything resolved and we want to show it! In November, Kinkbomb.com will provide a special “make-good” program, designed in an attempt to mitigate October losses and propel studios towards the upcoming holiday season. Details of that program are still being finalized, but all studios will be able to participate.

Kinkbomb.com apologizes for this significant inconvenience and is ready and able to answer any questions you might have.


Team Kinkbomb

7 comments on “A Message To All

  1. It’s pretty unfortunate that it took 11 days for a blog post to address these real issues that have massively put a damper on my studio. Dealing with e-mails telling me 24-48 hours have now turned into the two week mark. I took it into my own hands to personally disable ALL of my nonworking clips so customers would not be confused as to which material they can or cannot buy (I am now just being informed that customers are flagged at checkout). I have spent several hours uploading material that was lost/destroyed/missing? during the server melt down. While I am glad to hear some studios were not harmed, mine, personally was, 300+ clips. This has been my WORST month on Kinkbomb & if my old material was lost, I have yet to come to a conclusion whether I will spend hours upon hours reuploading my old content. Some people may say, shit happens, but the way this entire situation was handled and the lack of communication and round about answers have not left a positive feeling with my involvement in this site. I hope things can be resolved and ultimately restore my faith in Kinkbomb.

  2. Princess Fierce,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Admittedly, this situation was handled poorly and answers may have come across as roundabout because this extensive recovery process has taken much longer than expected. Initially, the data recovery experts Kinkbomb hired to emergency expedite and address this situation told us it would be resolved in 48 hours. Once that deadline was missed, it has become “another 24 hours” every day since. All indications are that we will have your files fully recovered and back online when this process is completed, which, we are told, will be soon.

    We have confidence that we will regain your trust and momentum.

    Unfortunately this episode also coincided with the negative publicity received regarding chargebacks. When it rains, it pours. Kinkbomb does not subscribe to the “shit happens” philosophy and do not expect you to either. This situation should have been handled better from the onset and, we assure you, future issues will be handled accordingly.

    When the files are recovered we will be happy to re-enable all of your products for you, saving you the extra time.

    Thank you for your patience and your continued support, it is very much appreciated.

    -Team Kinkbomb.com

  3. How is it were supposed to know which content of ours is affected or not? When i pull a product list there are files listed but when i go to my folder on the server its empty. Am i correct in concluding that means that all my content isn’t available?

    Ive reached out on twitter to KB and in an email- i am still waiting to find out the answer to these questions

    If in fact that’s the case then this doesn’t just damage kinkbombs reputation, it damages mine as well because I’ve left unavailable content listed as available for 2 weeks (which would also explain the ZERO sales) But that information is unclear.

    How are studios supposed to deal with a situation if there’s no information flowing our direction as to the actual status of our studio’s content?

    I need to know how to tell if my content is affected, i need to know if i should be starting over from scratch in uploading, i need to know why there is a conflict in pulling a list and seeing files on the server and how to rectify that moving forward to rebuild if necessary.

    I know i’m not a big priority with KB but this makes us ALL look bad and KB is not being proactive in giving studios the information they need. I shouldn’t have to come here to post to get your attention, you should have sent studios a personal email letting them know the status of their studios/content. Then we could make clear and informed decisions on how to get some product available for sale.


  4. I’ve got the same issue as Jenny – not only have I had no sales in 2 weeks (Actually, I’ve never had a sale here EVER!), but upon signing in to my studio to try to figure out what content may have been damaged, it tells me there’s 11 items, and shows none of them. They all display on my main store page, but I cannot tell if they work or not. This entire situation has been ridiculous, and I certainly don’t see how it would possibly take 2 weeks to figure out that you have permanently lost our data, especially when you’ve neglected to give us any instruction on how to handle this AT ALL.

  5. Please see the latest blog post for updated information on this situation: https://blog.kinkbomb.com/blog/2011/10/19/regarding-unrecoverable-content/

    When you go to your products page, you can sort them by “status,” the products that are associated with missing files will say “missing” next to them. If the product says “published” then all is fine.

    We were told that the data would be fully recoverable and some has been recovered. Please let us know if we can further assist you by emailing CustomerService@kinkbomb.com

    Thank you.

    -Team Kinkbomb

  6. We can send you a hard drive and we will pay for you to ship it to us. We will upload all of your content direct and it’ll be up almost immediately once we upload it. No work on your part! We know this is frustrating so we’re trying to do everything we can to make it less so. If you choose not to go the hard drive route, we are still in the process of recovering files so its possible that yours will be recovered. It just could take a while as opposed to the uploading direct via hard drive. For more information on this please email CustomerService@kinkbomb.com. Another way to upload which is faster is FTP.

    All studios will be extended a 80/20 split in November as one way to make up for this.

    Also, we are enacting several measures so this never happens again–more details on this to come.

    Please let us know if we can do anything else to help!

    -Team Kinkbomb.com

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