Regarding Unrecoverable Content


Dear Studio Partners,

On October 1, 2011, we experienced a RAID corruption on the storage server which destroyed some content.  Unfortunately the nature of the corruption manifested in a way that was unrecoverable through conventional means.  We contracted with a forensic data recovery team to attempt to recover the data immediately.  As of today, October 19, 2011, all content that could be immediately recovered as a result of the hardware failure from October 1st has been recovered.  While we will continue to search for alternate methods on possible recovery from the drives from additional experts and companies, we are at a point where we must work with our studios to get the content back as soon as possible.

If your studio still has content missing, or if you are unsure of the status of your content, please look in your StudioZone for the “Disabled Content” page. Any content that is damaged or missing will be “disabled.” Disabled clips will remain that way until new content is uploaded. There are three ways that you can re-upload content

-Through the StudioZone web interface

-Using FTP (If you are not familiar with FTP watch this video:

-Shipment – KB will pay for you to FedEx your content to us for your convenience; send KB a drive using our FedEx account at our cost and we will re-load all of your products for you and send you back that drive. To find out more information, email

Many studios were completely unaffected by this situation, however many other studios may have suffered significant or even complete content loss. KB is implementing additional backup procedures for a third tier of content replication to prevent future loss.  Your content will be stored on a RAID NAS (Network Attached Storage) where it will be replicated to a secondary on-line storage unit.  Your content will also be copied to digital tape media where it will stored indefinitely off-site.  This will allow KB to perform immediate retrievals through the on-line backup or have a digital copy off-site for emergency situations.

We understand that this file corruption has been frustrating for many of our valued studio partners, therefore, as a “make-good” we are going to be paying out to all studios an 80/20 share for the month of November. We are also  considering other options in this regard.

Over the last year we have worked hard to build a company that values studio support and customer service. With your help we intend on taking our lessons from our mistakes and promise to keep our focus on providing our studio partners with a solid, innovative distribution channel for their content.


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