A Letter From the CEO of Kinkbomb.com – Nov. 30, 2012

Dear Studio Partners,

There has been some communications from our competitors to our studios requesting they leave Kinkbomb and sell exclusively on their website. We wanted to communicate to our studios our thoughts on this and clarify some issues that were brought up.

First off, we at Kinkbomb do not believe it is in the studio’s best interest to be exclusive to any platform, let alone ours. We believe that it is in the studio’s best interest to have multiple venues to sell their content. Because we have the studio’s best interest in mind, we have often told studios that they should sell on other platforms as well as have their own capabilities internally to sell. The biggest risk a studio could take would be to put all of their eggs in one basket.

In addition, we have been told by many of our top studios that as their Kinkbomb sales increased, the sales at their other stores also increased. Another reason for smart studios to have multiple selling platforms.

Second, here are some things about Kinkbomb that need to be clarified.

  • We are in it for the long run. We have recently invested in expensive upgrades and we are finishing up our next generation software that will launch early in the new year
  • Our banking is done domestically in the U.S.
  • We constantly are advertising and marketing Kinkbomb.com as well as expanding our programs to bring more traffic to Kinkbomb.com. There are a number of additional partnerships in the works.
  • We have never discouraged our studios from working with our competitors. We believe that if we do a good job, studios will embrace us.
  • We are happy that we have brought a number of innovations to the industry that has been directly copied by our competitors

Finally, we acknowledge that there have been a number of software challenges at Kinkbomb, but we are taking these challenges and using them to improve ourselves.

We are optimistic about 2013 and look forward to a great year of growth.

Thank you for your support,

Team Kinkbomb