Tenative Party Schedule for AEE in Vegas – Kinkbomb

For all studios that will be in Vegas for the AEE, we are releasing our tentative party schedule. This will allow you to put them on your calendar (we KNOW that you will be busy and these are “don’t miss” events)
Here’s the schedule of events–FREE for Kinkbomb Studios!:

Wed 1/16/13 VIP nightclub party at Chateau
Thurs 1/17/13 Dinner at Scarpetta followed by VIP nightclub party at Haze
Fri 1/18/13 Dinner at Sushi Roku followed by VIP nightclub party at Hyde
Sat 1/19/13 Dinner at Stack followed by VIP nightclub party at 1 Oak
Other events:
Kinkbomb Workshop & Studio Meet & Greet on Thursday Jan 17th at 12pm – join us for lunch and to discuss business! (Location to be announced)
**Friday night is KINK night! Wear your kinkiest gear to Sushi Roku and Hyde! The hottest outfit wins a prize!

Please RSVP for any events you plan on attending by sending an email to Troy@kinkbomb.com