Kinkbomb Update – January 30, 2013

We know what you are thinking.

“Kinkbomb has blown it again! What the hell is wrong with those guys?”

We understand your frustration because it is very frustrating for us too. Our goal has always been to provide our studio partners with a solid, reliable and easy to use interface so that you can focus on selling. When things go wrong, you get pissed – justifiably so.

So here is our current update-

Website Stability:

We are doing some tweaks to the website but it is stable now.

Restoration of all previews:

We have finished restoring all previews for existing clips.

Capability to upload files, make new clips and edit existing clips:

We have had to make some adjustments to the uploading system and we are now testing it. We expect to have this capability back online in soon, probably early tomorrow.

Status of missing files:

We are in file recovery mode and have scripts running 24 /7. While this is a tedious process, we are fulfilling orders simultaneously. We have cloud back ups of files and transferring from the cloud is moving as fast as possible. We will be making daily updates on this process.

We appreciate your patience.

Once we have our new enterprise level storage and delivery system in place hardware issues such as this will be a thing of the past.

We know that your business is important to you and we will work to get past this challenge as soon as possible. We also know that our studio partners are the reason we are in business. Without you, we don’t exist.

Additionally, we will make it up to you for our mistakes that have affected your business.

If you have questions, please email Troy at

Team Kinkbomb

Kinkbomb Server Issues Update – January 28

Dear Studio Partners,

As previously stated, we had a server outage Saturday night, January 26th.

We experienced a hardware collapse of our master storage unit, the central gateway to your data.

In order to protect the integrity of the data, we are currently in a READ ONLY mode. This allows us to sell clips for you to customers, but prevents you from having access to your files. THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY. Once we have the new platform in place, you will have complete access to upload and edit again.

Please note, we are currently migrating a substantial amount of data and it will take time to move it all. We are working 24/7 to perform this task. Imagine filling a swimming pool with a garden hose. The job gets done but takes time. We ask for your patience.

Please bear with us through this process. We also have a major hardware upgrade in February that will address this issue and prevent other like-issues from occurring in the future. This involves a huge additional investment and is a testament to the business success we have shared with you. Our growth and success is because of our studio partners – We never forget that.

We will keep you updated as we work through this solution, but at this time we ask that you give us a few days to work to normalize the site again.

Once again, thank you for being a part of Kinkbomb.


Team Kinkbomb

Site Outage and Maintenance 1/26/2013

Dear Studio Partners & Customers,

On 1/26/13 suffered a hardware failure that affected the upload and download capability of products. As such, the website was put in maintenance until the majority of issues were resolved. The site is back online, but there are still a few challenges that are being worked through.

As these issues are addressed, this blog post will be edited and notifications will be sent out via email and the StudioZone:

–          Preview images may not load correctly.

–          Studios are asked to not enable missing files.

–          Studios are asked to refrain from uploading new content or change existing content.



Team Kinkbomb

Kinkbomb Adult Entertainment Expo Event Schedule

Dear Kinkbomb Studio Partners,
Here is our updated event schedule for the AEE Week.
Wednesday Night- Partying at Club Chateau
Thursday Night- Dinner at Scarpetta, Partying at Club Haze
Friday Night- Dinner at Sushi Roku, Partying at Club Hyde
Saturday Night- Dinner at Yellowtail, Partying at Club Bank
**Friday night is KINK night! Wear your kinkiest gear to Sushi Roku and Hyde! The hottest outfit wins a prize!
Dinners will be at 9pm. The Club events at 10:30pm.
If you are interested in attending any of the events, please RSVP to

Thank you,
Team Kinkbomb


Happy New Year to All of Our Studio Partners!

We wish you a prosperous and exciting 2013.

The Final Results of the December Kinkbomb Sales Contest:

1    Financial Dominatrix Lyne
2    Kyaa’s Empire – Click Pay & Obey!
Ceara Lynch
4    Mistress B Sensual Dominant
5    Humiliation by Rene
6    The Divine Goddess Jessica
7    Princess Fierce
8    Princess Chloe

9    Addicted to Princess Kaylynn
10    Tara Tainton XXX
11    Bratty Bunny
12    My Little Princess Ellie
13    Trixie Miss
14    Domme Jayne
15    Marshman Media
17    Angels Financial Humiliation

18    Bianca The Spoiled Bitch
19    Dirty Deeds Clips
20    Mandy Flores DBA Nineteen Products
21    BrattyJenna
22    Bratty Jamie Productions
23    ZFX Productions Inc.
24    Monique Stranger Humiliation Tease
25    Little Miss Brat

As stated before, the prizes for the contest breaks down as follows:
1. The top 5 studios get airfare & hotel in Vegas (If you are a Vegas local or already have Vegas hook ups, we will give you $500 cash instead)
2. Studios 6 through 15 will get an infamous “Think Pink” Riding crop, a designer quality Kinkbomb T-shirt & $50 cash!
3. Studios 16 through 25 will get a pair of “Think Pink” boy short panties

We will contact all studios to make sure we have the info needed to send prizes.
Thank you all for an exciting December and we raise our glasses to you for a Happy New Year!