Kinkbomb Server Issues Update – January 31, 2013

We wish to keep all of our studio partners up to date on our current status.

We are anticipating that a new replacement server will be delivered Friday and we will begin the install. For anyone who has attempted to get customized server delivery expedited, you can appreciate the difficulty of this process. In anticipation of the new server, we have been working around the clock to stabilize and move forward, including using our cloud based platform to provide work-arounds and delivery of purchases.

We apologize that studios cannot upload or edit yet. We have had to prioritize on multiple fronts and provide solutions on a studio-by-studio basis. The work-around we have in place now is clunky but this will be replaced once the new server is in place and functioning.

At this time, we anticipate to have something resembling “normal” operations before the weekend is out. With that in mind, we will be still transferring data from our staging disks onto the permanent solution, which is required so that your data appears in your studio admin. If your files continue to be missing, they will be restored in the ensuing week or so. Rest assured they will be available for customers who purchases the files.

Due to the crash of the previous hard drive, we anticipate a very small percentage of files will be corrupted and need to be replaced. We will notify studios individually as this is discovered. From previous experience, we understand how challenging this is and we will do whatever is necessary to minimize the work required by our studios.

As we have in the past, we will extend our studio support and work tirelessly to normalize your studios and get back to the job of helping you achieve sales and grow your business.

We will continue to update as often as possible. If you have individual questions, please email Troy at

Thank you for your continued patience,

Team Kinkbomb