Kinkbomb Server Issue Update – February 4, 2013

We wish to keep our studio partners up to date on our current status.

All systems are working.

The majority of the files unavailable during the recovery process have been restored. All files are available for adding to products. We are still working to recover any missing data and studios can expect to see their files appear in there library within the next couple days.

Uploads via FTP is functioning normally. Please contact us if you encounter any issues uploading files to your studio.

We are currently generating a list of files that are corrupted and will notify studios individually once this list is complete.

As we have in the past, we will extend our studio support and work tirelessly to normalize your studios and get back to the job of helping you achieve sales and grow your business.

We will continue to update as often as possible. If you have individual questions, please email Troy at

Thank you for your continued patience,

Team Kinkbomb