’s New Server Structure Rocks!

January’s server crash and ensuing data loss was a painful reminder of what happens when you are late.

Last year in November we had decided on upgrading our server structure to an enterprise level, super sophisticated system. The problem is we did not implement it in time and we had a data loss situation in January.

Now it is March and we have completed the implementation of our new storage solution. You no longer have supporting your clips but now you have a multi-billion dollar storage company with an army of support engineers. This is the same storage provider found in a majority of the Fortune 500 companies who manage several exabytes of data for US companies alone (an exabyte is 1 million terabytes).  We now have a system that is fully redundant so if anything breaks from a hard disk, to a controller, to a power supply, all the way to the back plane … we do not lose data.  The system phones home and tells our hardware partner to get over to our data center pronto and get things fixed.  It tells us when a disk is going to break BEFORE it happens and we have disks overnighted to us so we just plug it in and it will heal itself from there.

So with this significant investment and re-architecture of the storage environment, we are confident in saying data loss is a thing of the past.

We thank our studio partners for their patience and support.

Team Kinkbomb

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