Twitter Kinkbomb Studio Integration Change

Our old Twitter Auto-Tweet widget stopped working all of a sudden and we wondered why. Then we found out; Twitter changed how people post updates. This shut down the direct line of communication with Twitter from Kinkbomb. So the Auto-Tweeter did not work.

You no longer need to input your twitter info on Kinkbomb.

Here’s how to link your Kinkbomb Studio with your Twitter Account!

Go to your Kinkbomb studio page, then look under the Tools section – then click on “Twitter Integration” and click on the link “Click here to authorize your twitter account”.  Once you click on that link you will be redirected to twitter’s website where you will be asked to authorize Kinkbomb to be able to access your twitter account. Note that you need to be logged into your Twitter account to see this message.   Once you authorize the Kinkbomb access, you will be redirected back to the Kinkbomb twitter setup page.

Here is a tutorial video:
KB Twitter Integration


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Team Kinkbomb

It’s May, Let’s Have a Raffle!

Dear Studio Partners,

Congratulations to all of the studios who qualified for The First Annual Kinkbomb Raffle in May.

The drawing was performed and here are the winners! (*the only rule was that no studio could win twice)

1st Place:  Studio Mandy Flores Productions wins $1000

2nd Place:  Studio Lyne Financial Dominatrix wins A Dell 27” Full HD LED Monitor (or $250)

3rd Place:  Studio Lady Jaydens Playhouse wins A $100 Amazon Gift Card

4th through 10th place: The following Studios win Kinkbomb Bags of Swag (including shirt, boy shorts, riding crop, and personal “massager”)

        Studio Time Stop Shop

–        Studio Princess Meggerz

–        Studio ZFX Productions Inc.

–        Studio Bratty Bunny

–        Studio Mistress Mitsukai

        Studio Angels Financial Humiliation

–        Studio KinkyNirvana

Congratulations to all of the winners.

All winners will be contacted by Kinkbomb and prize fulfillment will be done by June 15th.

Have a great week!

Team Kinkbomb