Utilizing Your New Tribute Widget

Studios! Have you taken advantage of your Tribute Widget?

The new Tribute Widget is a very useful tool for generating revenue for your Studio! It allows customers to tribute the exact dollar amount they want to send you – whether $1, $100, $469, or more!INBOX-8187

Even Studios who are not “Financial Domination” or “Femdom” centered can take advantage of the Tribute Widget – your Customers may want to make donations to your Studio or give you a tip, after all!

Setting up your Tribute Widget is easy! Here’s how:
1. Login to your StudioZone
2. Click on “Studio home page” from the left navigation
3. Click “edit” at the top of the page
4. Hover over “add widget” at the top of the page and drag the “simple tributes widget” to your right side bar
5. Click “save changes” at the top
6. Click “publish” at the top (don’t forget this step!)
If you have any questions regarding this Tool or any of the other great features we offer on Kinkbomb.com, please email us at support@kinkbomb.com.

Thank you,

Team Kinkbomb.com

Kinkbomb 2.0 Is A Hit!

Our customers and valued Studios cannot stop raving about the new and improved Kinkbomb 2.0! From the innovative features to our unrivaled customer service, our customers and Studios have taken to social media to share their excitement… and we are feeling the love!

Here’s what people are saying about us:

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Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.06.52 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.07.00 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.07.06 PM

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Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.07.55 PMScreen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.07.59 PMScreen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.05 PMScreen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.10 PMScreen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.25 PMScreen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.16 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.30 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.09.12 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.51 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 2.08.36 PM

Thank you, all, so much for your support! We strive to be the #1 place to buy & sell fetish videos online and will continue to do the best we can to serve you. If you have any questions about signing up to sell your videos on Kinkbomb.com, have a comment about the site, need Studio support, or anything else, feel free to email Support@kinkbomb.com. We love hearing your comments, questions, and even complaints!

Thanks, again and keep rockin’ it!

Team Kinkbomb.com


Kinkbomb & AEE 2014!

Kinkbomb had an amazing week in Vegas for the AEE! And we’d like to thank all of our fabulous Studio partners who came out to help make our events awesome! In attendance were Domme Kyaa, Canna Miss, Mistress T, Princess Lyne, Mistress Morgan, Mina Thorne, Princess MeggerzCeara Lynch, Kelly Sunshine, and so many more–our events were definitely filled with the most beautiful, talented women in the Biz!

Studios were filming content non-stop, there were superb seminars, excellent meetings, and Kinkbomb gave out TONS of swag.

The Kinkbomb after-parties were ridiculous:

Three amazing dinners including the infamous “KinkBOMB” dessert at The Sugar Factory (Paris), an amazing assortment of comfort foods at Fix (Bellagio), and a five course meal at Crush (MGM Grand).


We drank THIRTY-ONE bottles at FIVE clubs; VIP table service everywhere we went! At Chateau our logo was constantly flashed on the club’s big screen. At The Bank we took over an entire side of the second level. At Hyde we chilled while confetti flew through the air. At Beacher’s Madhouse we owned an entire corner of the club and posed with stripper midgets and Pee-Wee Herman. Then finally we took a party bus to Crazy Horse Three for a nightcap and some boobies.




Sunday the entire staff of Kinkbomb spent the day in bed…recuperating. We were told that some studios hired “Hangover Heaven” to assist with the recovery process. A lot of water was consumed, delivery service ordered, and quite a bit of pained-moaning. At least one person was heard saying, “I will never drink again.”

The good news is that all four nights were awesome and Kinkbomb once again got to spend some quality time with our kick-ass Studios.

The even better news is that we have 360 days to recover before we have get to do it all again!

Thank you again, everyone, for coming out to the epic Kinkbomb AEE After-Party events of 2014!

Team Kinkbomb.com





Kinkbomb 2.0 Is Officially Here!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Kinkbomb 2.0, along with some of the innovative & exciting features available in the newest version of Kinkbomb.com!

The NEW improved Kinkbomb 2.0 has many fabulous features, as well as a new look and feel, designed by web design experts! Here are just a few of the innovative features we are excited about…

For customers:
– New, more robust search feature.
– You can now sort individual studios by category – only into foot fetish? Only see those clips!
– You can now Favorite your most frequented Studios to easily gain access to only their clips!
– You can see your order history as well as your active orders and active download links.
– Introducing… KINKBUX! NEW, easy way to buy products! Now, you don’t have to enter in your credit card each time you checkout and we can award Kinkbux to your for promotional events! Kinkbux also provides an extra security measure for you.

For Studios:
– We are SUPER excited to announce that you now can upload one file and select all the different versions you want to offer the customer! We do all the work, trans-coding your files into .mov, .avi, mobile version, etc. You can even price each type of file differently. This saves you, the Studio Owner a ton of time by only uploading ONE file and not having to create duplicate products!
– Multiple Studios can now be active on one account – open more than one Studio with only one login, easily switch between your Studios while logged into your StudioZone, and, most importantly, get paid in one check!
– We have improved chargeback and refund tracking – this will now be reported directly in your StudioZone!
– Our brand new preview generator TOTALLY ROCKS! Try it out and see!
– New drag and drop file uploading feature. You can now drag and drop multiple files to upload directly through the site in a queue.
– Tributes now function as a widget and are much easier to add and edit.
– You can now customize and edit the text of each and every auto-tweet right from the Add Product page!

…And these are just a few of the great new features we’ve implemented for you!

Studios! Make sure to check out our Getting Started blog post for some helpful tips to get you started and keep business running smoothly, here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or concerns. We will be available around the clock to help with any issues at support@kinkbomb.com.

Stay Kinky!

Team Kinkbomb.com

Success With KB 2.0 – Getting Started

We’re SO excited about the launch of Kinkbomb Version 2.0 and hope you all are as well! We know that when sites do big overhauls it can often be a bit scary, since you have the old version figured out so well. Rest assured, KB 2.0 was designed to be even more user friendly than the original site and we are here to help you succeed with Kinkbomb 2.0!

Here are some helpful tips to get you started when 2.0 launches – and to keep your business running smoothly with no blips!

  • Upload your Studio Avatar! In your StudioZone click on Studio Profile, then Studio Avatar. Select your image file, upload it, then crop it (if desired) and click save! This can be changed at any time.
  • Upload a header image for your Studio Home Page. This is optional, however, many Studios will want to customize the look of their Studio Home Page (the page customers see when they click your Kinkbomb Studio link). Headers should be sized 540×210 (but you can upload a larger file and it will fit to size). From your StudioZone, click on Studio Home Page. At the top of the page, click Edit. Select a file for your header, upload it, click Save, and click Publish. If you do  not click publish, your changes will not go live.
  • While adding your header image, you can also easily add certain widgets to customize the look of your Studio Home Page. From your StudioZone, click on Studio Home Page. At the top of the page, click Edit. Next, click Add Widget. Drag and drop the customizable widgets you’d like to use (Tributes will certainly be one to add!).
  • Any files you had previously uploaded but did not link to a product will NOT be transferred over. For a short time, you will be able to access your FTP to download those files if needed and re-upload them to KB 2.0.
  • We will NOT be providing FTP access to version 2.0 as our new uploader has the ability to upload multiple files at one time, as well as resume uploads like an FTP would allow you to.
  • You DO NOT need to worry about re-adding your old products, coupons, or discounts, re-adding your default keywords, or re-adding google analytics. All of these have already been transferred over for your convenience.
  • Explore the site. Try adding a new product! We understand there will be new things you love and things that might be a bit frustrating at first. We encourage you to play with the site and get to know it.
  • Check out the Help area of your StudioZone for further help topics.

Remember – we are here for you! We will have staff on hand at all times to answer your questions, regarding Kinkbomb 2.0 or anything else!  Email us at Support@kinkbomb.com.


Thank you!

Team Kinkbomb.com

VIP YEH YOU KNOW ME! You ready to party Kinkbomb-style during the AEE/AVNs?!

Official Kinkbomb hosted AEE after parties on Thursday the 16th and Saturday the 18th!

Studios who want to join in the fun MUST RSVP. Seating is limited for all events. Vegas is our backyard, and as such, Kinkbomb throws the best, most VIP-parties on the strip!

Thursday night – It’s our Pink and Black Party! Wear your Kinkbomb colors and take home some swag! KB will be taking over The Bellagio at 9pm as we dine at Fix restaurant followed by VIP bottle service at The Bank nightclub.

Saturday night – KB takes over MGM Grand at 9pm as we dine at Crush followed by an uber-party at Beacher’s Madhouse! Make sure to dress Kinky for a wild night in Las Vegas!

All studio owners are invited, but seating is limited, so RSVP now! To RSVP, please email Breese@kinkbomb.com. We genuinely look forward to seeing you next week!

Vegas Baby!

Team Kinkbomb.com

By breesekb

Kinkbomb.com 2.0 Release Date Monday, January 13th!

New layout and upgrades to be demonstrated at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

This Monday, in-line with the Adult Entertainment Expo, we will release the newest version of Kinkbomb.com! Here are a few of the improvements you’re sure to notice on the new site:

– New look. The site has been completely redesigned with a more streamlined interface.

– Multiple Studios can now be added to one account. For all you Studio owners who manage more than one store, your payments will now be pooled into one.

– Studios can now add multiple file types to one product. No more duplicating uploads and information.

– A new drag and drop uploading interface. Drag and drop multiple files to be uploaded in a queue. This makes uploading files directly to the site much easier and less time consuming.

– A new and improved preview generator.

And much more!

KB 2.0 has been in beta testing for months, and while the product is ready for launch, we are aware that there may be unexpected questions or bugs that users may find. KB Customer service and Tech support has increased hours scheduled to handle any issue in a timely manner. You can contact us at support@kinkbomb.com.


Team Kinkbomb.com

The results are in for The December Banner Bonanza!

Here are the five winners for our December drawing!

– KinkyNirvana
– Christina QCCP
– HellenRoxx
– Sarah Blake
– Worship Miss Adrienne

For the month of December, Studios received a raffle entry for every fifty dollars they sold. On the first of January we drew five lucky winners. These five studios have won a free month of advertising on Dommedose.com! We had a great 2013 and hope to start off the new year with a bang! Our five winners will for sure, with their free month of advertising!

Stay tuned for more upcoming contests and events from Kinkbomb!


Team Kinkbomb.com

Happy New Year!

2014 has arrived!

We are looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for Kinkbomb and our Studio Partners. We will be kicking off the new year with the upcoming announcement of our December Banner Bonanza winners! Also, The Adult Entertainment Expo is only 2 weeks away! We invite all studio owners who will be in town to come party with us. Please stay tuned for more details as the official schedule will be released very soon.

Happy 2014!

Happy new year

Keep it kinky!

Team Kinkbomb.com