2.0 Release Date Monday, January 13th!

New layout and upgrades to be demonstrated at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

This Monday, in-line with the Adult Entertainment Expo, we will release the newest version of! Here are a few of the improvements you’re sure to notice on the new site:

– New look. The site has been completely redesigned with a more streamlined interface.

– Multiple Studios can now be added to one account. For all you Studio owners who manage more than one store, your payments will now be pooled into one.

– Studios can now add multiple file types to one product. No more duplicating uploads and information.

– A new drag and drop uploading interface. Drag and drop multiple files to be uploaded in a queue. This makes uploading files directly to the site much easier and less time consuming.

– A new and improved preview generator.

And much more!

KB 2.0 has been in beta testing for months, and while the product is ready for launch, we are aware that there may be unexpected questions or bugs that users may find. KB Customer service and Tech support has increased hours scheduled to handle any issue in a timely manner. You can contact us at