Utilizing Your New Tribute Widget

Studios! Have you taken advantage of your Tribute Widget?

The new Tribute Widget is a very useful tool for generating revenue for your Studio! It allows customers to tribute the exact dollar amount they want to send you – whether $1, $100, $469, or more!INBOX-8187

Even Studios who are not “Financial Domination” or “Femdom” centered can take advantage of the Tribute Widget – your Customers may want to make donations to your Studio or give you a tip, after all!

Setting up your Tribute Widget is easy! Here’s how:
1. Login to your StudioZone
2. Click on “Studio home page” from the left navigation
3. Click “edit” at the top of the page
4. Hover over “add widget” at the top of the page and drag the “simple tributes widget” to your right side bar
5. Click “save changes” at the top
6. Click “publish” at the top (don’t forget this step!)
If you have any questions regarding this Tool or any of the other great features we offer on Kinkbomb.com, please email us at support@kinkbomb.com.

Thank you,

Team Kinkbomb.com