Urgent Notice For Kinkbomb Users

All user accounts have been locked. To unlock your account, select “Forgot password” from the log-in screen.

Kinkbomb.com has recently received reports from users receiving an emailed notification with a link to log into Kinkbomb. This is a phishing scam and is not a legitimate communication from Kinkbomb.com. This is meant to capture and steal your username and password.  The login page captures your information and then forwards you to our real home page.

Any correspondence from Kinkbomb will always be sent from an @Kinkbomb.com or @KBMediaPartners email address. Additionally, when logging into secured areas of kinkbomb we always use a secured certificate. Please ensure that you see the HTTPS and that the certificate is real. Also, please make sure the domain is Kinkbomb.com.

Please contact our support team at support@kinkbomb.com with any additional questions.

Thank you,
Team Kinkbomb.com

By breesekb