Kinkbomb Now Accepts BitCoin!

Dear Kinksters,

We are thrilled to announce the latest innovation to Digital Currency Transactions! Customers now have the option to use BitCoin, LightCoin, or DogeCoin to make purchases from! They can use these e-currencies for any type of transaction, whether it be tributes, video purchases, etc. Digital Currency is emerging as the future of e-commerce and Kinkbomb in one of the only adult websites that accepts e-currencies. Our customers have already been taking advantage of this great new feature and, for our Studios, this means new customers and more ways to earn! Have you heard that e-currency can change value frequently? Don’t worry, that’s on us! You will always earn the same amount for each product, whether the customer pays via credit card or BitCoin or LightCoin, etc. Once again, has propelled itself forward as the leader of the industry in technology and features!
bitcoin.jpg       light.jpg       doge.png

In October, we will be hosting our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Studios! Come October, you will have a chance to win $300 in our annual costume contest. Submit a picture of you in your kinkiest Halloween costume to our twitter and we will pick our favorite 3. Those 3 studios will have $300 added to their payout for October! More details to come! Here are the 3 winners from last year’s contest:

ell (2).jpg         ell (1).jpg         lol.jpg

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact out support team at

Stay Kinky!

Thank you,


By breesekb