Our December to Remember Contest

Hey Kinksters!
This month we are having a special promotion that could earn you a spot as a featured Studio for an entire month! Here is how it works: We will be comparing sales from November and December this year. At the end of December the 12 Studios who’s sales have increased the most by dollar amount will be featured on our front page for the entire month of January! Being featured has been a proven way to increase traffic and sales! Whether you’re a top Studio or brand spankin’ new, you have a chance!

Our Custom Email Campaign Feature is LIVE!
You can now create email campaigns to send out to fans who have purchased clips from your store directly from your StudioZone! Anytime a customer purchases one of your products, they will be added to an address list that you can access from the new Campaign section of your StudioZone. This address list will show you the usernames of your customers. You will be able to create custom campaigns to send directly to new customers, loyal customers, or even all of your customers at once, boosting your sales! This is a fantastic way to promote new clips, send out coupons, or just simply entice your thirsty fans. LOGIN AND TRY OUT YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN NOW!

Happy Holiday!

Team Kinkbomb.com

By breesekb