A Gift, A Bonus, and A Prize – August is the Month of Tributes

Hello Everyone!

Here in Las Vegas, August is the hottest month of summer, a time for lemonade and lounging poolside. And this year here at Kinkbomb, August is also the Month of Tributes!

Kinkbomb has a new and improved tribute widget for you to embed on your personal site! To celebrate, we are offering you a gift, a bonus, and a prize to help you make the most of your summer tributes!

The Gift
For the entire month of August Kinkbomb is giving you 80% on all the tributes you earn. This is the highest percentage we have ever paid and should help to payoff that atrocious August AC bill.

The Bonus
In addition to giving you 80% this month, for all Studios who embed our new tribute widget on their personal web site by the end of August, we will give you an additional month of 80% on your tributes all the way through September!

The Prize
For the top 5 Studios with the highest tribute totals in August, we will be awarding an additional 5% on all tributes in the month of September! This means that if you embed our tribute widget and finish in the top five for tributes in August you could receive 80% on all tributes in August and 85% on all tributes in September!

As always, we appreciate the support of all of our Studios and strive to make Kinkbomb the best clips platform out there.  We hope this amazing promotion helps keep you cool through these last months of summer!

Stay Kinky,
Team Kinkbomb.com

By breesekb