1st Femdom Summit = Resounding Success!


Our very First Annual Femdom Summit, held here in sunny Las Vegas Nevada last month, was a resounding hit! We rented out a huge mansion and invited our hottest Studios to  come stay, film, network, party, lounge in the sun, and have an all around KICK ASS time! The labyrinth-like mansion was MASSIVE! The fabulous rooms and unique settings will be featured in many HOT clips, including two group shoots featuring Kyaa’s Empire, Mz Berlin, Ellie Idol, Sasha Mizaree, The Divine Goddess Jessica, Cherry Torn, and Astro Domina (these group shoots can be found at any of these Studios’ homepages). Our Studios were treated to all of the amenities, including catered food, endless amounts of adult beverages, and a hot party on the Las Vegas strip, ending the night at the racy Men Of Sapphire Show at the largest strip club in the world!

We were lucky enough to host other fabulous Dommes throughout the weekend, with gorgeous females popping in and out of the house at their leisure, including Princess Rene, Shauna Ryanne, and Sarah Blake.

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The goal of Kinkbomb.com’s Femdom Summit is to provide our hardworking Studios with a FUN place to collaborate, work together, create new content, and enjoy the fabulous Domme lifestyle! With the success of this year’s Femdom Summit we are sure that our next one will be even bigger and better!


Team Kinkbomb.com

How We Determine Top Studios

At Kinkbomb.com we want everything to be transparent for our valued Studios. Being on the Top 25 Studios List can be quite advantageous. It gives you a prime spot on our site where customers have quick access to your Studio at all times, right from the main home page! But, how do we establish who is in the “Top Studios”?

The Top Studios List is determined solely by product sales in dollar amounts. So, it’s not the number of products you sell but the overall gross total that you sell (NOTE that tributes do not count into this total). Now, we don’t compare studios’ sales on a day-to-day basis to comprise the Top Studios List. Actually, we have it on a 90-day window period. So, all of your sales combined within the last 90 days gives us a number by which we then place all the studios in order into the Top Studios List. Why do we give such a wide range of time? Well, sales can change rapidly day-by-day or week-by-week. A studio that has a great day and does $600 in sales might slump down to $100 the next day. We give a wider range of time to really get a good feel for who are the overall top sellers in general, not just today or not just this week.

Why don’t we allow tributes to count into your total to determine Top Studios? It’s simple. Some studios have content for which tributes aren’t relevant. We have many great Femdom and Financial Domination related studios that accept thousands of dollars each month in tributes. But, we have other fetish-based studios that don’t use tributes. So, to make it fair for all, the Top Studios List is determined solely by product sales.

We hope that you found this information educating or at least interesting! Now, get out there and rock those sales!

-Team Kinkbomb.com

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Kinkbomb Tools: Auto-Tweet

We want to make life as easy as possible for our valued Studio Partners. This means, helping you guys market and grow your business is a top priority for us. We’ve implemented lots of “Tools” for supporting and enhancing your existing Studio. One such tool–which is totally unique in the industry–is the Twitter Auto-Tweet feature that we at Kinkbomb.com offer (completely for free) to our Studios! Twitter is one of the top sites on the web today and it’s a great, easy, and effective way to reach out to thousands of customers all at once. Many of our studios are already using Twitter to communicate information, news, and updates to their clients. But, with our Auto-Tweet tool, now each time you post a new product, the information is automatically tweeted from your twitter account, complete with a link straight to the product! It’s so convenient for you and your customers!

To activate your Auto-Tweet tool, go into the “Tools” menu of your StudioZone and click on the “Twitter Integration” button. Fill in the appropriate info and you’re good to go! It’ll take a minute of your time and offer you endless marketing benefits! You can even change the wording that goes out with each tweet. Here are some awesome examples of real Auto-Tweets sent out from our Studios:

From @MisTrixMsE:

“Check out all the kinky, pervy, fetishistic fun I’m having! http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/16020

From @GcupBitch:

“Click & spend, then wank it to this! #fetish #femdom http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/15985

Our Auto-Tweet function is just another feature that sets Kinkbomb.com apart!

-Team Kinkbomb.com

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Kinkbomb: The Power of Your URL

Here at Kinkbomb.com we think you should be able to choose your URL, just as you’re able to choose your studio name. A personal, unique URL offers many benefits–why would you want a generic, automated, forgettable URL? At Kinkbomb, we allow you, whilst creating your new studio, to create your very own Kinkbomb Studio URL! We encourage everyone to take advantage of this and create a URL that’s you! A custom URL will have staying power with your customers. Just take a look at these great web addresses that some of our rockin’ studios utilized:

http://FinancialDomination.kinkbomb.com – Wow! Did she pick a powerful URL!

http://CearaLynch.kinkbomb.com – Personal and straight forward–you can’t forget it!

http://BratPrincess.kinkbomb.com – Great choice! People know just what they’re getting!

Here’s another tip: when typing your URL online or otherwise, you can choose to put the customized part before or after the “kinkbomb.com” part. Here’s an example of how you can use your URL two ways:


http://BratPrincess.kinkbomb.com [Note that the “www” is left out here]

We encourage you to put your name up front!

Thanks for checking out our blog today and check back soon for more tips, news, and info!

-Team Kinkbomb.com

Kinkbomb.com – Your Source to buy Fetish Clips | Adult videos | Kinky clips | Amateur Porn |
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Kinkbomb Tools: LiveFeed Widget

We at Kinkbomb.com strive to make your job easy. We want to help you build your business and offer many great Tools, found right in your StudioZone, to maximize your earning potential! Today we’d like to highlight the Kinkbomb LiveFeed Widget. Unique to the industry, this widget allows you to easily display your 15 latest Kinkbomb products on any web page! Lots of our valued Studios have blogs or personal websites and homepages. Why not make updating your personal sites easier? To install your pre-made custom Widget, just go to the “Tools” section in your StudioZone, click on “Kinkbomb LiveFeed Widget,” grab the code and insert it into any web page! It’s so easy—we’ve already done the work for you! If a fan sees a clip he’s interested in on your Widget, all he has to do is click on it and it’ll bring him right to that product. The Widget will turn fans and admirers into customers! All Studios should be using the LiveFeed Widget!

Check out the LiveFeed Widget on the right side of our blog to see what it looks like. Here, the Widget updates with the 15 latest products posted to Kinkbomb but, your LiveFeed Widget will be totally custom to your Studio!

Thanks for reading and check back for more updates and tips on building your business! For quick updates, follow us on twitter!

Team Kinkbomb.com

Kinkbomb.com – Your Source to buy Fetish Clips | Adult videos | Kinky clips | Amateur Porn |
Home to thousands of fetish videos, amateur porn, femdom clips and much more.

Kinkbomb.com is Live!

After months of development, design considerations and establishment of processes – Kinkbomb.com went live on August 24, 2010.

Just take a look at our site and you will know immediately that we are different.

Out of the gate we give TOP PRODUCERS of all things fetish:

•    A beautiful design and layout to host your studio
•    More freedom in listing and pricing your products
•    An easy to use couponing and discounting feature
•    Ability to make & receive tributes
•    Capability to customized mass email that can attach pictures, etc.

Within the next few months we will be rolling out these features for Studios:
•    Blog hosting capability
•    Capability to sell hard products, not just media
•    Live cam
•    Affiliate revenue streams for Studio Partners
•    Smart phone/device integration for Studios
•    Direct links to gifting accounts such as Amazon.com, and much more

Customer Service and Studio Support!
We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the business. The best studio support in the business too!

So if you are a studio looking for a great new channel for your content, or a fan of all things fetish… check out Kinkbomb.com!